Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Plan (so far)

Ok - just to get everyone on the same page I thought I'd lay out the plan we have so far...

Tuesday, June 21
In the evening there'll be a pre-ride party at the new SpeedMetal shop in south Denver. Come hang out and meet everyone you'll be riding with. We'll post the time, address and directions for all of you up here soon.

Wednesday, June 22nd
We leave from the SpeedMetal shop at dawn. Anyone who rides out after the support trailer leaves is on their own! We'll take I-70 west through the hills and ride a total of 360 miles to Green River, Utah. Most of you guys voted for camping that night and I'm working on finalizing a campground - more details soon...

Thursday, June 23rd
We'll leave early again and ride 340 miles through the desert to Mesquite, NV. I'm looking into getting us some group rate lodging here too.

Friday, June 24th

We ride 360 miles to Oak Canyon Ranch, site of Born Free 3! If you're camping you can make reservations here (

Saturday, June 25th - Born Free 3! After the show most people are splitting up and many are extending their trips out somewhere else, so just a heads-up - there is no organized ride back...

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